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Frequently Asked Questions

There's still fuel left in my wicks. How do I get it out?

When you spin off, fuel comes out of your wick in every direction. When you use The Fuel Funnel, you need to recreate that effect by squeezing around your wick, as well as top to bottom. 

Wicks that are wrapped around the stem may be squeezed “around” and be just fine, while wicks that are knotted (like monkey fists) always need to be squeezed in both directions. 

If you’ve squeezed your fully saturated wick and only a couple of drops came out, you’re not done.

Fuel is dribbling all over my hand. Why is this so messy?

The Fuel Funnel is made of silicone, making it easy to fold and squeeze. This means the spout is sometimes closed off while you’re squeezing. Make sure to release your hand and allow the fuel to empty completely out of the funnel before placing it back on your bucket. 

My funnel is slippery. What do I do?

Sometimes fuel or air moisture make your funnel slippery. With use, your funnel will become sooty and less slick. Just keep using it and it will get “broken in”. 

If you’re experiencing a lot of slip due to high humidity/rain you use a coarse grit sandpaper to rough up the outside, creating a grip for your hand.

This feels clunky. How do I hold my prop and the funnel at the same time?

The Fuel Funnel hangs on the inside edge of your fuel bucket. After fueling your wick, place your hand around the cone of the funnel, put your wick inside, and squeeze into your inner canister.

If you need to lift the funnel up, lift it up from the cone, rather than trying to place your hand underneath the “handle” to pick it up. 

My prop is too big. What do I do?

The Fuel Funnel is designed to fit multiple size wicks, but some props are too long or wide. In this case, you can cut your funnel to make it a sleeve, rather than a funnel. Simply use household scissors to slice down one side of the funnel, opening it up to fit around wide or long props.

I'm still experiencing spitting. What gives?

Just like spinning off, or bagging wicks, every fuel removal process has hickups. If you’ve already tried squeezing in both directions and you’re still experiencing spitting, you have a few of options. 

  • try squeezing again – some props just take a couple goes
  • double shake – after squeezing your wick, give it a firm shake into the bucket to remove any last fuel
  • fuel transfers – leave your wicks a little wet so you can perform fleshing and fuel transfers
  • build up – build up to big spins/tricks by staging, dancing, or immolating with your lit wicks to burn off any leftover excess