A Spin-Off Alternative for Fire Performers

The Fuel Funnel

The Fuel Funnel protects fire performers and the environment by reducing plastic waste and reclaiming fuel lost during spin-off.

Introducing The Fuel Funnel

Reduce Waste & Reclaim Fuel

In a recent survey, 55% of fire performers admitted to spinning-off directly into the environment, and 28% said they used disposable plastic, like one-time use bags or latex gloves to remove excess fuel from their wicks.

That got us wondering. What if there was a way to reclaim all that lost fuel, without creating a bunch of plastic waste?

There’s A Better Way to Spin Fire



The Fuel Funnel fits inside a burn kit and weighs just a few ounces so it’s easy to bring wherever you go. When you’re done, use it to place extra fuel back in it’s original container.



The Fuel Funnel can be used over and over, eliminating the need to dispose of, or replace, plastic gloves and bags.



The Fuel Funnel works with palm and fire eating torches, Pele wicks, poi, fans, and more. 

Join Fire Spinners Just Like You

"Instantly a household classic for any fire performer. I was surprised at how easy it is to use, and how much of an environmental impact it truly does have. I have always hated the idea of spinning off extra fuel into the ground around you. This is such an effective and eco-friendly way to reclaim my fuel.

Margo Sena

Fire Spinner

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